Online Vendor Registration

Please read the following instructions before taking the Online Vendor Registration

  • Vendors who are interested in enlistment with CPCL for supply of materials shall take Online Vendor Registration after ensuring their meeting all our requirements stipulated under “Requirements for Vendor”. Vendors who fulfill our requirements shall select the materials, from the dropdown menu for which they intend to register along with description.
  • In case the Manufacturer prefers to operate only through Dealers, then they may authorize the bonafide Dealers to apply for registration. At any point of time, if the Manufacturer modifies the approved / authorized list by adding or deleting the Vendors, the same shall be communicated to CPCL.
  • Based on the details submitted in the Vendor application, further assessment would be done by inspecting their shop floor capabilities and infrastructure available, either by CPCL or their authorized representatives, if required. Misinformation, if any, will make the registration liable for cancellation.
  • Vendor who fulfills the criteria required for registration shall be issued with registration letter and their name will be kept in the “Master Vendor list” (MVL).
  • Registration/enlistment shall be valid for a period of three years only from the date of allotment of Vendor code.
  • Registration shall be for the purpose of inclusion of Vendor’s name in CPCL's “Master Vendor List” (MVL) and shall in no way guarantee regular issue of purchase enquiries.
  • Retention of Vendor’s firm in Master Vendor List (MVL) shall be subject to satisfactory performance on execution of orders.
  • In case of unsatisfactory execution of purchase orders on account of quality, delivery period, infrastructure facilities, overloading, financial / liquidity crunch, labor unrest, strike, lockout etc., CPCL reserves the right to put the Vendor on “Holiday”, and the same would be reviewed on the basis of progress / improvement at works.
  • Registration will be cancelled at any time, if the firm does not respond to our enquiries, in spite of our repeated reminders.
  • Influencing through internal / external sources shall make the Vendor's application summarily rejected.
  • CPCL reserves the right to cancel the registration process without assigning any reason and no further correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
  • Entry of details and uploading of documents can be done / edited partially through several occasions. However, after confirmation, bidders cannot alter or submit additional details entered / uploaded by them. Evaluation for enlistment will be done based on the documents uploaded only.
  • Acknowledgement generated after completion of the submission shall be preserved for reference.
  • Submission / uploading of false information / documents will be viewed seriously and action deemed fit will be taken against such bidders.
  • Provisions marked as "Mandatory" are necessary and unless those documents are uploaded, submission cannot be done.

Following documents in specified format format shall be kept ready before logging in the website for submission:

  • Document in proof of the Organization, viz. Certificate of Incorporation, Proprietary deed, Partnership deed, etc.
  • Work orders and respective completion certificates
  • Audited Balance sheets, Profit & Loss account statements and other related documents for the last three financial years
  • Statutory registration certificates
  • Enlistment letters issued by EIL or IOCL or other organization.
  • Please use attachment formats/Scanned copies preferably in PDF or JPEG or BMP format
  • Please forward the system generated summary sheet along with all documents by Speed Post / Courier to the Senior Manager ( Materials) , Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Manali, Chennai 600 068 within a week .Incase of any query, please contact us at

Note: Also, please read the Guidelines on the OVR page before proceeding to Online Vendor Registration